Cloud Planning & Migration

Plan to transform, prepare to succeed.

The question is not whether IT belongs in the cloud. Instead, the challenge is finding a platform that will optimize your current assets—and drive the business forward. Virtustream has the tools and expertise to facilitate migration, so you can focus on your mission.

An Advisor approach

Virtustream begins the planning and migration process by giving enterprise IT leaders a comprehensive view of their technology consumption, so they can quickly and clearly identify opportunities for growth.

Using Virtustream Advisor—our proprietary analysis and planning tool—our consultants assess your current IT assets and provide a clear picture of workloads, consumption and performance. The result is a transparent, data-driven, CFO-friendly proposal for migrating mission-critical IT to the Virtustream enterprise-class cloud platform.

With Advisor, you’ll see and understand:
  • Current IT consumption (segmented by workload)
  • Consumption patterns
  • Recommended solution architecture
  • Estimated cost savings and ROI
  • TCO analysis
  • Executive summaries and presentations

Building your roadmap to the cloud


Virtustream creates a clear path to the cloud based on your current applications, workloads and usage. Our analysis will provide you with:

  • Current State Assessment: Quantify and evaluate current IT assets, including mission-critical applications
  • Future State Architecture: Design new workflows and consumption models to maximize applications and support desired business outcomes
  • Transition & Migration Plan: Oversee migration to a Virtustream enterprise-class cloud

Advisor options

Virtustream Advisor offerings come in two service levels based on your demands. Choose the level of engagement that fits your enterprise IT and your migration objectives.

FeatureAdvisor (Premium)Advisor (Standard)
Detailed server inventory discoveryYesYes
30 days of performance monitoringYesYes
Infrastructure interview(s)YesYes
Technical presentationYesYes
Up to 5 resource modelsYesYes
Up to 20 resource modelsYes
Executive/financial presentationYes
Detailed future state recommendationsYes
Detailed financial analysisYes
Detailed application interviewsYes
Detailed disaster recovery interviewsYes

Other planning & migration services

  • Cloud advisory: Navigate your journey to a truly enterprise-class cloud
  • Product implementation: Leverage Virtustream technology in your own private cloud environment
  • Onboarding: Seamlessly migrate your IT assets to the Virtustream enterprise-class cloud

SAP migration​​

Harness industry-leading tools and certified methods to right-size and optimize SAP in the Virtustream cloud​.