SAP® in the Cloud

The right partner for SAP applications in the cloud.

Run SAP applications in the cloud—more efficiently, more economically and more resiliently than ever before.

Virtustream is unparalleled in running SAP in the cloud. That’s because our platform was purpose-built for handling complex, mission-critical enterprise applications. Our experts have extensive experience working directly with SAP applications, so we can help you seamlessly migrate your SAP deployments to the cloud. It means you can get increased performance, reduced costs, powerful security and proactive regulatory compliance reporting.

With over 225 SAP clients running production SAP in the Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, we’ve seen first-hand the results of deploying SAP with Virtustream:

  • Faster: Up to 50%
  • Cheaper: Up to 65%
  • Secure and compliant with Viewtrust
  • Elastic and resilient

Improved performance

We don’t merely accommodate SAP applications. We improve them. Virtustream’s innovative and patented µVM resource management technology allows us to optimize SAP performance—so it runs more efficiently than on traditional infrastructure. The results include drastically improved economics, application-level performance SLAs and sub-second response times.

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SAP in the Cloud

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, powered by xStream®, optimizes SAP environments with better performance, lower costs, faster disaster recovery and superior elasticity.

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Simplified Migration

Take advantage of Virtustream’s unmatched knowledge and experience in moving SAP applications to the cloud. With our extensive portfolio of SAP and HANA migration services, we can help you seamlessly migrate your SAP instance.

Full portfolio coverage

Virtustream offers complete SAP portfolio coverage—including ERP, CRM, Analytics, SAP HANA, and Business One in the cloud.

SAP Credentials
225+ SAP clients running production SAP on Virtustream Enterprise Cloud
First production SAP customer in a multi-tenant cloud. Read the case study.
First production SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) running on HANA in the cloud. Read the case study.
Member of SAP Technology Advisory Board
SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Premier Partner
Certified SAP Cloud Services Partner
Certified SAP HANA Operations Services
Certified SAP Hosting Partner
Certified SAP BusinessOne On Demand Provider

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