SAP® in the Cloud

On-premises SAP management

Reduce the time, costs and headaches of managing SAP applications on-site with SAP application management solutions from Virtustream.

SAP, simplified

Maintaining an SAP deployment on-site is a complicated, labor-intensive job. Maintaining an SAP deployment efficiently and cost effectively is even harder.

Virtustream has helped hundreds of businesses manage, maintain and improve massive SAP deployments. With this deep, SAP-specific expertise and our unique technology solutions, we can monitor, maintain and operate the most complex SAP deployments for major enterprises—with greater efficiency and lower costs. Whether you’re running SAP on traditional infrastructure or in a virtual private cloud on-premises, we’ll take a holistic approach to managing your SAP deployment.

xStream automation and orchestration

Virtustream’s xStream App Director application management platform was purpose-built to simplify and improve SAP and other mission-critical applications. xStream App Director lets you automate and orchestrate complex SAP maintenance and management, drastically reducing time-to-market while simultaneously improving the quality of the deployment. xStream uses proprietary resource allocation for better efficiency, and a true consumption-based pricing model to reduce costs even further. xStream powered landscapes also enable scenarios with workload balancing within on-premises landscapes.

Hybrid-ready when you are

Virtustream is built to handle SAP cloud deployments, no matter where they exist. By starting with an on-premises SAP deployment with Virtustream, you can easily migrate some or all of your deployment to the cloud at a later date to create a hybrid solution. With enterprise-class cloud solutions from Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, you can achieve even greater efficiency and cost-savings to an SAP deployment.

Made stronger with Dell EMC

Our on-premises SAP management solutions are infrastructure agnostic, so we can work with your infrastructure as it exists, or you can enhance your deployment with easy integration with on-premises products and services from the Dell Technologies family of businesses. Our simplified integration helps reduce disparate billing and provisioning between many different vendors.